UNITED STATES: Ecology And Environment's Greenride Grows Bigger And More High-Tech

Ecology and Environment (E and E) recently received several key contracts to develop customized versions of the company's commute management system, GreenRide. GreenRide provides users the ability to find carpool matches and alternatives for public transportation based on specific commuter preferences and track the environmental energy and economic savings that result.

UNITED STATES: Ecology And Environment's Greenride Grows Bigger And More High-TechWith oil hitting $100 a barrel, GreenRide is the quickest solution for commuters to cut their gasoline use and air pollution emissions by 50%, 67%, or 75% -- by arranging convenient carpool matches with one, two or three others.

The City of Redmond, Washington, home to high-tech giant Microsoft, has awarded E and E a contract to develop a customized version of GreenRide to augment its "Going for Green" regional marketing initiative, engaging large employers, and maximizing commute trip reductions within the city of Redmond to enhance the livability of the city by improving air quality, decreasing the demand for parking, and reducing traffic congestion.

GreenRide was selected for implementation by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) -- the second-largest computer chip manufacturer in the world. AMD is using GreenRide for their commuter program as part of their organization- wide "Go Green" climate action initiative.

GreenRide is also being implemented by Chicago's Pace Suburban Bus Division, which serves the Greater Chicago region. Chicago is the nation's third largest metropolitan area, and Pace is one of the largest bus systems in North America. E and E is currently in the process of providing dynamic, web- based, carpool and vanpool matching, which will afford easy, convenient access for Pace's constituents.

Over the past year, E and E has signed up a large number of new customers to offer rideshare services to a multinational population of more than 30 million, and resulting in a yearly emission savings of more than 25,000 tons of CO2. The system is now used in 16 states, Canada, and New Zealand. New features such as text-message/phone-based matching, event-matching, dynamic surveys, guaranteed-ride-home, vanpool matching and management, streamlined incentive management, and on-line fulfillment are extending GreenRide's state- of-the-art offering.

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