EMIRATES: Support urged for small companies

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) has urged support for downstream and small to medium sized companies in the petrochemical industry.

Speaking at the Gulf Industrialists Conference held in Abu Dhabi GPIC general manager Abdul Rahman Jawahery suggested that more emphasis should be laid on education and training to develop a new generation capable of continuing the development of the current achievements and benefiting from the success of basic industries in the Gulf states.

The strategies adopted by the concerned organisations in the Gulf states for the success of such industries must provide guidance for growth in this field, he added,

The event was held under the theme of the Petrochemical Industry and its Future Vision in the Year 2020,

Mr Jawahery also underlined that the level of feedstock available for the petrochemical industry in the GCC states is not proportionate to the volume of planned production.

He stressed the need for a more effective co-ordination among the GCC states for the appropriate expansion of this vital industry.

He said that GPIC was a model example of successful Gulf co-operation that gave a positive picture to the world about the capabilities of Gulf industrialists and urged investors to take the initiative to invest in the region as called for by the GCC Industry Ministers.

Via: Gulf Daily News

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