CHINA: Clean Coal Technologies Acquires Powerful Technology For Transforming Coal Into Nonpolluting Energy

Doug Hague, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, announced today that Clean Coal Technologies has completed the transaction that gives it 100% ownership of the proprietary new technology that transforms dirty coal into a clean-burning energy source.

CHINA: Clean Coal Technologies Acquires Powerful Technology For Transforming Coal Into Nonpolluting EnergyThis suite of intellectual property includes the patent for the revolutionary technology that reduces the harmful airborne pollutants associated with coal-fired utilities, industrial applications, and domestic consumers of coal. Through its acquisition of Clean Coal Systems, Inc., which previously held the patent, CCTI is positioned to enter the rapidly evolving clean coal market as a global provider of clean coal technologies that will address many of the pollution concerns associated with the burning of coal.

Company executives stated, "This acquisition, combined with our $100 million joint venture in China, establishes our company as 'China's Pollution Solution'. We are committed to taking a leadership role by leveraging our proprietary technology to provide a clean, inexpensive and pollution-free energy source that will enhance economic development while protecting the health and well being of people in China, India, and the rest of the world. In China alone, two billion tons of coal could be transformed into pure, nonpolluting power."

With the support of US Department of Commerce, CCTI plans to build modular front-ends to power plants that will transform coal with high levels of impurities and contaminants into an efficient, clean-burning energy resource. With its significant social and economic benefits, the joint venture has received tremendous support and encouragement from the Chinese government, which has designated an 80-acre parcel of land for the construction and operation of the first of what could potentially be hundreds of CCTI plants in China.

Via: SPX News

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