MIDDLE EAST: Egypt, Jordan & Syria Signed Gas Pipeling Agreement

An agreement of what could be seen as more than just economic ties has been signed between Egypt, Jordan & Syria for a gas pipeline that will extend the current Arab Gas Grid pipeline to as far as Turkey.

This deal will ultimately being a stepping stone to a more collaborative Middle Eastern countries and a passageway of Middle East to the world through Turkey. This means the Middle Eastern gas originating from Egypt will be gone transit to Turkey and to the vast European markets and to the whole world.

The agreement also allows Turkey to have the right to take up to 1.5 bcm of gas for its domestic needs. The winning bid will be constructing a 62km pipeline between the northern Syria city of Aleppo and the south-eastern Turkish city of Kilis, both at the borders of each country.

The question now remains whether Jordan and Syria will be paying the same gas price as Turkish and the LNG importers of Europe?

Via: Islamic Republic News Agency

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