TEXAS: Wind farms could chew up migrating birds

Two winds farms planned on the Gulf Coast of Texas would sit on a major migratory bird route, threatening "mass mortality," a report says.

The report was prepared for the Coastal Habitat Alliance, a coalition of landowners and environmental organizations, by EDM International, a Colorado consulting firm, The San Antonio Express-News reported. EDM's report was based on a review of environmental impact statements provided by PPM Energy, one of two companies involved in the wind farms.

EDM rejected PPM'S conclusion that the wind farms would have little impact. The wind farms would consist of as many as 500 wind turbines up to 400 feet tall.

While most wind farms have had little impact on birds, some in critical locations have. As many as 1,000 birds of prey a year are believed to die in wind farms in Altamont Pass in California.

The state of Texas does not have the authority to regulate wind farms. The coalition has filed state and federal lawsuits trying to block the project.

Via: Texas/UPI

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