CALIFORNIA: Earth Biofuels Subsidiary Receives Renewable LNG Output From Landfill Project

Earth Biofuels announced that its subsidiary, Applied LNG Technologies, has begun receiving regular deliveries of the output of renewable liquefied natural gas ("LNG") produced from a landfill site in Orange County, California. Per the terms of a prior agreement, ALT has the first right to purchase one hundred percent of the nameplate capacity (5,000 gallons per day) production of the LNG facility which is owned by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prometheus Energy Company at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill.

CALIFORNIA: Earth Biofuels Subsidiary Receives Renewable LNG Output From Landfill ProjectALT markets the LNG to the Orange County Transportation Authority.

ALT's Vice President of Operations, Kevin Markey, said, "We are excited to incorporate renewable LNG from landfill gas into our growing California market. The demand for clean, transportation-grade LNG in California has never been higher."

Prometheus' Chief Operating Officer, Earl Franklin, added, "We are proud to have the first LNG production facility of its kind in operation and look forward to growing our relationship with ALT."

Solid waste landfills produce a 50% methane gas as a result of the decomposition of organic materials within the landfill. The Bowerman production facility is the first of its kind in the U.S. to commercially produce renewable vehicle-grade LNG from landfill gas.

Transportation grade LNG helps companies meet strict emission standards in the state of California. Vehicles fueled by the transportation grade LNG produce approximately one-sixth of the nitrous oxides (NOx) and up to 15 percent less greenhouse gases than comparable petroleum diesel fueled vehicles.

Via: SPX/energydaily

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