IRAN: Minister inaugurates Iran’s largest acetic acid plant

Iran’s largest acetic acid and carbon monoxide producing plant was inaugurated in the presence of Minister of Petroleum Seyyed Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh in Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex, Mahshahr, on Tuesday.

The plant has been designed to produce 140 thousand tons of carbon monoxide gas per year. It consumes 84 thousand tons of natural gas as feedstock per annum.

To run the carbon monoxide unit, the country spent 346 billion rials (37.4 million dollars) to purchase the technical know-how, engineering, equipment, and technical service.

The acetic acid unit is to produce 150 thousand tons of the product yearly. It needs 82 thousand tons of methanol and 82 thousand tons of carbon monoxide as feedstock annually.

The purchase of technology, engineering, equipment, and technical service for the unit cost the country 614 billion rials (66.3 million dollars).

Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex Managing Director Ahmadreza Ashtari had already announced that the acetic acid unit had started test production and had produced 12 thousand tons of the product, most of which was sold inside the country. Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex has three methanol, carbon monoxide gas, and acetic acid units. The complex produces methanol, acetic acid, and carbon monoxide gas with the aim of supplying the acetic acid unit’s feedstock.

Vaziri-Hamaneh arrived in Mahshahr Special Economic Zone earlier in the day to pay visits to petrochemical projects.

National Petrochemical Company Managing Director Gholamhossein Nejabat and a number of senior officials of the NPC are accompanying the minister.
Via: Teheran Times