[ASIA] BTC pipeline, capital expenses to make up $87,000,000 this year

The volume of capital expenses of the BTC pipeline, transporting oil from the Caspian Azeri sector to Turkish port of Ceyhan, will make up $87,000,000 in 2008. The due announcement was made by president of BP-Azerbaijan Bill Schreider.

He said last year the capital expenses of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline made up $154,000,000. The President noted that after the start of production export by BTC in 2006, the productivity of the pipeline was raising with commissioning of technological equipment and pumping stations.

The highest daily volume, transported by the BTC pipeline so far, was registered on January 4 of 2008-932,399 barrels. Currently the volume of export by production by the pipeline tops 850,000 barrels daily and it is expected that the pipeline will export 1,000,000 barrels daily in late 2008 (nearly 50,000,000 tons per year).

Beginning with the first shipment of the tanker in Ceyhan in June of 2006 and until the end of the quarter first of 2008, the BTC pipeline exported about 326,000 barrels of crude (nearly 44,000,000 tons). The overall volume of oil and condensate, exported by BTC in the first quarter of 2008, neared 62,000,000 barrels (over 8,300,000 tons).

BTC capital expenses to make up $87,000,000 this year The 400th shipment of production, supplied by the BTC pipeline was shipped to the tanker from the Ceyhan terminal in Turkey on March 6 and the 500th tanker will load in early June.

Currently about 356,000,000 barrels (nearly 48,000,000 tons) of crude, supplied by BTC pipeline and destined for export to world markets, have been shipped to 453 tankers.

"Though currently the BTC pipeline transports only ACG oil and Shah Deniz gas, production from the North Caspian fields is expected to add to these volumes", said Schreider.

Source: Today.AZ

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