[EUROPE] Norway oil spills on the rise

Oil spills into the sea offshore Norway increased dramatically in 2007, new numbers from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and comments from an industry expert confirms.

A major oil spill at the Statfjord A platform in the North Sea last December pushed polluting volumes up in 2007. Meanwhile, an industry expert quoted in Scandoil.com affiliate Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine this month says sub-sea leaks are still common off Norway. The leaks have forced a race to develop sub-sea leak-detection technology at Norway’s targeted-research institutes.

[EUROPE] Norway oil spills on the riseLast year saw 166 accidental spills of oil, some 154 of which were less than a cubic metre in size. But Norway saw 44 more leaks in 2007 than in the prior year, “the highest number of accidental discharges since 2002, when the number of discharges was significantly reduced,” according to the NPD. The total volume of oil from accidental discharges in 2007 was reportedly 4,488 cubic metres.

Statfjord in December ruptured a loading hose and pumped 4,400 cubic metres of crude into the sea. Despite the rising numbers, a final NPD report is yet to be finished.

Source: Scandinavian Oil & Gas

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