BLOGGERS: Rags to riches, stories .. maybe you need an Nouveau Riche University

Manuel Torres LaveagaYou could be the next new rich or nouveau riche. Some times we found excellent adventures in business in the internet, for example yahoo, Microsoft, apple in the last century and another like youtube, orkut, flirck, mybloglog, etc … in this century. We need something like an Nouveau Riche University?

Maybe you could have your name in the next Forbes or fortune list about rich people, or story about your way like Rags to Riches just be another new rich from the Nouveau Riche University. We continue have several opportunities around the world. Some days ago a read in an interesting article about some investment adventures from American entrepreneurs. Is writing about experiences like Beaming Broadband to the Beach in Brasil, Soybeans That Give You Gas (biodiesel) in Argentina, Flip mining claims in Bolivia, A Smart Play for the Small Screen an ad network mobile content developers in India, Tapping the New Nouveau Riche an exclusive social network for millionaires in Russia, East Meets-and Eats-West an American-style restaurant or Remodel homes in China, wine business shipping Cabernet from Peloponnese in Greece, Bringing Chardonnay to Chennai importing fine wines to upscale restaurants in India, in Africa we find some cases like ¨From Crop to Cup¨ an export gourmet coffee from Rwanda, ¨Doughing the Right Thing¨ a food company in South Africa.

BLOGGERS: Rags to riches, stories .. maybe you need an Nouveau Riche University Maybe you are one rich case, could you write your own story?
So, I invite you to read more about a company, who teach people to become a new rich or nouveau riche, is not a kidding is an authentically Nouveau Riche University its website is

Source: CNN

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