[ASIA] Baku-Supsa pipeline repair takes $53 mln

[ASIA] Baku-Supsa pipeline repair takes $53 mlnThe repair works at the Baku-Supsa export pipeline took BP-Azerbaijan $53 mln to implement. BP Azerbaijan vice president on land operations Rashid Javanshir said the program of repair and replacement, which lasted for almost 18 months, have completed, which will allow improving technical state of the western route export pipeline.

"This large-scale program of repair and replacement included replacement of pipeline sections in Georgia (change of route in Zestafon) and Azerbaijan (Kur river, west cross). At the same time, we have completed the profram of repair of defects, residuary from the Soviet times, which included repair of shortcomings, revealed during the inspection", he said.

Touching upon the commissioning of the pipeline, Javanshir said the full program of repeated launching tests is currently underway. "We will launch the pipeline after we are fully satisfied with its technical state", Javanshir concluded.

Source: Today.AZ

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