[NORTH AMERICA] Gazprom, ConocoPhillips silent on Alaska project

Gazprom has yet to follow up initial talks on joining in ConocoPhillips and BP's Denali gas pipeline project linking Alaska to the continental U.S., according to ConocoPhillips Chief Executive Officer James Mulva.

"From our perspective, there hasn't been any further discussion on this since that was announced as something of interest to Gazprom," Mulva said Wednesday in Moscow.

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told the Russian Economic Forum in St. Petersburg on June 5 that Gazprom approached BP and ConocoPhillips on joining the project.

"It doesn't mean it's not possible, but all our efforts on Denali have been directly with BP and the state of Alaska to do the work we have been doing, and hopefully we can work toward an open season in the next several years," Mulva said.

Discussions between the two companies on cooperation on liquefied natural gas also appear to be paused. Gazprom, Total and Statoil are developing a business model for the field.

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