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Some people believe, when they delete or format (by mistake) theirs disc drives the data is definitively lost. Therefore the rule of thumb for data recovery is creating a timely backup and keeping data backup as redundant as possible. I keep in mind two years ago, when I was cleaning some of my folders and docs from my powerbook, by mistake delete a hard drive partition, so was horrible because there I save always my thesis work. I though that I lost my work forever, so, then a friend toll me about the professional services to can get a hard drive recovery. This kind of situation of lost data, could be experimenting in computer suddenly crashed because of hard drive logical damage you can follow the following tips on how to do Hard Drive Recovery yourself.

I remember was a little expensive, but a got all my data. Was invaluable for me. After that, I learnt about this kind of services and the companies dedicated with several data recovery resources. You need to know about the hard drive recovery is a common term that people usually taking it easy until one day their own hard drive crashed and they can’t access the stored data on it anymore. When it suddenly happened to your hard disk don’t get panic because there is something you can do to recover data from a crashed hard drive. For this kind of solutions, you could looking for DTI DATA (

BLOGGERS: Lost data and DTI DATA

I was reading all about their services and prices, and I just say they are so competitive; they
have a class 100 clean room. The people of DTI DATA (, have several tools designed for the purpose of recovering files from a device that the workstation may or may not be able to mount, but which is visible to the computer. It will attempt to scan through a device in its entirety, whether faulty or not, recuperating files to a secondary location on a absolutely different device as it goes.

This people have a lot of years of experience in handling data recovery range between NAS, SAN, and RAID;
DTI DATA ( have interesting features that offers free upfront flat rate price quotes on all hard drive data recovery; also offer a data guarantee and all single hard drive recoveries are no data no charge. the only exception to that rule is if the drive has been opened somewhere else. To ask a customized order of hard drive repair and prices for you, Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665, and visit its website to additional info at

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