[INDIA] Nuclear industry upbeat with IAEA

Indian nuclear industry today welcomed the approval of the India-specific safeguards agreement by the IAEA board of governors at Vienna.

"We in the nuclear industry other related industries are thrilled about the outcome as this was a very important step towards nuclear commerce with outside world to improve India's energy scenario," Chairman of Nuclear Power Corporation S K Jain told reporters.

"We welcome the support we got from Board of governors and we look forward for similar support from Nuclear Suppliers group in the coming days," Jain said.

The entire nuclear industry is celebrating and is keeping its fingers crossed "for the entire process is completed soon so that the real ground level activities can be started" he said.

"We expect that Rajasthan units 5 and 6, the two 220 MW pressurised heavy water reactors, the construction of which is completed, can get the imported fuel to start operations," he said.

Besides, with the NSG waiver, Rajasthan reactors 3and 4, Narora and Kakrapar units can also get the fuel to operate at full capacity, he said.

Under the separation plan, six units of Rajasthan plants, two units of Narora, two units of Kakrapar , unit 1 and 2 of Tarapur atomic power station will be under IAEA safeguards.

"Of course, two units of Kaiga, two units at Kalpakkam, and units 3 and 4 of Tarapur power reactors and all fast breeder reactors will not be under safeguards as per the separation plan," Jain said.

Source: India Economic Times

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