RUSSIA: Gazprom buys controlling stakes in OGK-2, OGK-6 -1

Russian energy giant Gazprom [GAZP] has acquired controlling stakes in wholesale generating companies OGK-2 and OGK-6, as well as minor stakes in three territorial generating firms, the head of Unified Energy System said Friday.

"As a result of a share swap between minority holdings comprised of UES shareholders, Norilsk Nickel, Gazprom and [coal mining company] SUEK, Gazprom's share in OGK-2 and OGK-6 will grow to 55% and 52%, respectively. Gazprom will also receive a 5% stake in [territorial generating company] TGK-11, over 4% in TGK-12, and a little under 5% in TGK-13," Anatoly Chubais said.

Blogalaxia Tags: Russia Tags: SUEK, TGK-12, TGK-11, TGK-13, Anatoly Chubais, Norilsk Nickel, Unified Energy System He said SUEK will see its stake in TGK-12 increase to 5%, while Norilsk Nickel will acquire 14% in OGK-3.

"Therefore, neither SUEK nor Norilsk Nickel will gain direct control," Chubais said.

He said only Gazprom will have a controlling stake in the two companies, but that the gas monopoly's control could be lost after a new share issue.

Via: Russian News Information Agency

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