MyAbodo, just a simbolic virtual act to a new energy culture for the present and The Next generation

by Manuel Torres Laveaga

I visited Myabodo´s website and I made is in my . I think is interesting way to star to changing our energy culture. Myabodo is interactive toy to choose the policies of the ¨ideal ¨ home, shape your house towards an ideal of which you create your that is better. I spent just about 7 minutes and has been entertained, I like so much if you use it with your family, because they going to get conscience about the relation between the energy consumation and the environmental challenges from of culture and possible new Forms of Life for this century that we confronted.

The Abodo is an interactive toy, has a several options to you to choose, if you choose the suitable ones for a use but efficient of our consumptions we are touchingly helping to construct to a new culture on our concept of the energy and means. If joint parties your Abodo with your equal virtual community they will do the own one thus like a big network. I think is a symbolic act that can be hoped, sooner or later is made the same in the real world.

I invite to you to know my Abodo. A few minutes designing my own Abodo I invite you to create one and put it in your blog or website.