IRAN: Floating price for petrol will have inflationary impacts. Majlis speaker

Majlis Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said on Tuesday that under the current situation if a floating price is set for petrol, it would leave high inflationary impacts on people's expenditures.

Speaking in Majlis open session against a two-star urgent bill forwarded by MPs on supply of petrol at free prices, he said, "You made a significant move by rationing fuel but do not spoil your efforts."
Fuel rationing has left positive impacts on domestic as well as international political scenes, he said.

Setting any floating price for petrol would leave extensive inflationary impacts on all goods and products, he underlined.

The move would cause chaos and exert huge pressure on low-income civilians, he said.

IRAN: Majlis speaker: Floating price for petrol will have inflationary impacts

Via: Islamic Republic News Agency

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