BLOGGERS: The Ultra Slim Silicone Case fo your new iPhone 3G

Generally I do not to make a click in the advertising shown in some websites, unless it is too attractive and that it urges to me to follow it, and is so yesterday I arrived at a site that sells “fine protective Silicone housings extreme for iPhone 3G”. I bought recently an iPhone 3G and I am looking something for its care, I suppose is a subject that must interest to every new owner for its protection “excessive” and not so ugly in view, indeed this is more what it sells to us dwells; the brand of this ultra slim silicon case is MORE-THING a company that is dedicated to sell accessories for iPhone, iPhone 3G and Macbook. The Ultra Slim Silicone CASE is done of a material transparency and as to his it says it name, also he is extreme thin, that allows to see the logo of Apple that is in the back part of your iPhone.

silicone that is used for the creation of this accessory, is free of scents, fort, antistatic, dustproof, does not deform the figure of the product that covers, reason why “the so streamlined” products of Apple will see equal of showy. This housing, allows the easy access to the bellboys, exit of headsets and camera. The price is only of 11,90 USD + Expenses of shipment. They have an ample range of colors (between others: red, black, blue, white, etc .. ), can you have more information in its website.

BLOGGERS: The Ultra Slim Silicone Case fo your new iPhone 3G
  • Brand new custom tailored for Apple iPhone 3G.
  • Ultra slim design and high protection technology.
  • Transparency material. Show up the Apple logo and details.
  • Easy access to all buttons and features.
  • Premium silicone skin case with perfect snug fitting.
  • Case has openings for LCD screen, headset, dock connector.

Source: Ultra Slim Silicane Case / More-Thing

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