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In California is located the Pastor Bob Botsford ´s Church. The Horizon Christian Fellowship, where you find the vision .. ¨To Win, To Disciple, and To Send¨; Pastor Bob Botsford have the ability to teach His Word in a simple yet powerful way allowing listeners of all ages to easily learn and apply the principles of the Bible to their daily lives and to help unbelievers to be converted, believers to be established, and the church to be strengthened around the world.

You could visit its website and enjoy several sermons through pod casts, like the most popular of which today is the I Want a Better Marriage sermon given by Pastor Bob Botsford.

The Horizon Christian Fellowship have a complete program to educate the whole student within a Christian context of spiritual, social, mental and physical development, for this reason you have access tho pre garden, pre school, etc through Horizon Prep situated in North County San Diego’s here you will find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe, Horizon Prep is a Christian private school with a Christ-centered, classically based philosophy of education.

This spiritual project is an interesting Emergent Church where Pastor Bob Botsford and the pastoral team are available to support with any matter of prayer or maturity in the faith.

The Horizon Christian Fellowship

Manuel Torres Laveaga

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