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Some occasions we want to send to a friend some erotic or spicy ecard, Vidigreet is an interesting website that enables people to send adult themed but not X rated, just humorous e-cards for a variety of occasions. Just one word we need to describe to VIDiGREET. Irreverent

VIDiGREET wish to give people a better way to stay connected. Providing humor for everyday of the year for friends, family, and classmates, in this website you going to find several greeting card that's a living, breathing, laugh-till-ya-puke movie. Featuring more than 400 comedic video shorts ranging from 15 seconds to two minutes in length, VIDiGREET offers both conventional and quirky categories designed to amuse or disgust recipients. VIDiGREET have sufficient stuff funny, outrageous, stupid, irreverent, gross little comedies that say this is my original Birthday Card or ¨Congrats¨, ¨Flirt¨, ¨Happy Day¨, ¨I love You¨, "Lets Hook Up", "You Blow", "I'm Sorry", "Call Me¨, etc … an original way to be connected..

Join to this community and browse around, sign up for a day or a year and start sending VIDiGREETs to everybody you know or want to know. You could try free featured VIDiGREET, too, but I am sure tha after of this experience you going to ask to yourself. ¿Why send just one card when you could send unlimited video eCards for just €2.5 at VIDiGREET ? The next step is to try with you first e card.


Manuel Torres Laveaga

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