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Craps is the oldest confirmed record of a game of chance in which dice were used. The game dates back to 1573 BC by the Egyptians. The modern game of craps is an American game that was developed on the Mississippi and other inland waterways during the great steamboat era of the 1800s. Possibly the easiest technique of learning the rules of online crap is by finding a site that enables you to play a simple crap game against the house; for me this place might be the website ALLCRAPS ( You going to learn that the online crap rules vary and depend largely on whether you are playing a uncomplicated game against the house, or if you are taking part in an online tournament. Playing in tournaments entails a different set of rules as you are not playing in opposition to the house anymore, but against other players. In online Craps rules for tournaments change and depend a great deal on the host site you are using at the time, so make sure that you check the terms and conditions for each site you intend playing on before signing up and playing.

In ALLCRAPS ( you will have access to a online gambling guide, you decide to play Online will make your gambling account with options for a craps money management. If craps betting is the only online strategy, its in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the different options and odds offered. Try playing for free first at your favorite virtual casino. So, in ALLCRAPS ( always going to have a section with gambling tips, because ALLCRAPS ( is a unique site that shows gamblers how to play craps, the rules of craps, and craps strategy. The majority of the rules for the online version of Craps are pretty much the same as for real casinos. Enjoy playing Craps and good luck!


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