[UNITED STATES] Oceaneering Space Systems, wins new NASA spacesuit contract

Oceaneering International has won a NASA contract, worth as much as $800 million, to design a next-generation spacesuit. Oceaneering Space Systems, a unit of the Houston-based company, has said the work on the new Constellation Space Suit System will cause the company to add about 300 jobs and a new facility.

"NASA's decision to have the next generation of spacesuits built in Houston will bring significant economic benefits to our area," said U.S. Rep. Lampson, a Stafford Democrat. "It was the right decision to award Oceaneering Space Systems' hard-working team with this contract and it is my pleasure to congratulate them."

Oceaneering said the initial phase of the contract calls for six years and more than $180 million in revenue, where the company will design and build suits related to the new Orion spacecraft. The deal also includes options that could be worth much more to build additional suits, provide training and support and to design and build moon suits.

"We are pleased to have been selected to participate in the United States? continuing journey of space exploration," said T. Jay Collins, Oceaneering's chief executive officer. "Our commitment to safety and 30-year heritage of developing and providing spaceflight hardware for NASA was instrumental in securing this contract award."

Oceaneering's spacesuit operation is adjacent to the Johnson Space Center.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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