[NORWAY] Oseberg Back On Stream

StatoilHydro reports that production on the Oseberg field centre, Oseberg South, Oseberg East and Tune has resumed after the small fire in a switchboard room on the Field Centre on 15 June.

The field centre and the three other fields associated with the field centre's processing plant have been shut down during the cleaning and repairs of the switchboard room and the involved equipment.

The gradual start-up of the oil and gas production and the gas exports from the four fields started Tuesday morning. The fields are expected to be back on full stream in a few days.

Production at Brage, Oseberg C and Vesfrikk, which transport oil through the Oseberg field centre, was resumed on Monday 16 June and has not been affected by the repairs.

[NORWAY] Oseberg Back On Stream

Source: Scandinavian Oil & Gas

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