[GEOPOLITIC] Iran - Brasil give priority to energy, agricultural cooperation

Deputy Foreign Minister Ali-Reza Sheikh-Attar said on Wednesday that Iran and Brasil give priority to joint cooperation in energy and agriculture sectors. Ali-Reza Sheikh-Attar made the remark in a meeting with Brazilian Deputy Agriculture Minister Afonso Kroetz, adding that the two nations are interested in expanding relations particularly trade exchanges.

According to the Information and Press Department of the Foreign Ministry, Ali-Reza Sheikh-Attar said that the political leaders of both countries are determined to expand bilateral ties in different sectors.

He further called for improvement of bilateral trade relations by adopting innovative policies.n
Pointing to formation of a joint economic commission as a means for drawing up new strategies and paving the way for promotion of mutual cooperation, he supported the idea of joint production of ethanol in Iran.

"We believe that the production of ethanol in Iran can help decrease air pollution and increase incomes," Ali-Reza Sheikh-Attar further said.

Kroetz, for his part, outlined policies of his country in agriculture sector, saying that Brasil underlines the necessity of attracting foreign investments and increasing export of agriculture and animal animal husbandry products. He also expressed his country's readiness for production of ethanol and conduction of research on cattle breeding in Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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