[NUCLEAR] Repair of Slovenian nuclear power plant according to law

No worker at Slovenia's nuclear power plant Krsko was exposed to excessive levels of radiation during a recent leak in the cooling system, a spokeswoman for the plant said on Monday.

"I can assure you that none of the workers that intervened in the repair of the valve in the cooling system was exposed to a level of radiation higher than those allowed by the law," the Krsko plant's spokeswoman Ida Novak told AFP.

Slovenia's sole nuclear power plant had to be shut down earlier this month after a leak in the cooling system that set off a Europe-wide alert. The plant went back on line on June 9 after a successful replacement of the valve that produced the leak.

Novak denied reports by Slovenian weekly Zurnal 24 that six workers who took part in the repair work were contaminated with radioactive isotopes Co-58 and Co-60 since they could not access the leaking valve with their full protective equipment.

Repair of Slovenian nuclear power plant according to law"The levels of radiation were within normal levels," Novak said.

The Krsko plant, 120 kilometres (75 miles) east of the capital Ljubljana, produces 20 percent of all electricity used in Slovenia and satisfies 15 percent of the power needs of neighbouring Croatia.

Source: Agence France-Presse

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