UNITED STATES: U.S. urged to invest in clean energy. Move will spur the need for green jobs, coalition says

U.S. labor and environmental groups are cooperating on a campaign calling for more government investment in renewable energy that they say will create thousands of new manufacturing jobs. The United States could add more than 820,000 new "green-collar" jobs, building wind turbines, solar-power equipment and other clean-energy products, the groups said.

The 850,000-member United Steelworkers Union, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council have organized a 12-state public outreach campaign, not including Texas, to lobby for more spending on renewable energy, clean energy solutions and fair-trade agreements, the groups said last week in a statement.

"There is no better solution for the hemorrhaging of jobs than for America to solve the global-warming crisis by stepping up to the plate and making big investments in green energy," said David Foster, executive director of Blue Green Alliance, a partnership between the steelworkers and Sierra Club.

The campaign will take place in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Oregon and Nebraska.

Less than $10 million will be spent by the groups to organize the events to run though Sept. 15 that will include rallies and town-hall meetings. The coalition also will circulate a petition, the groups said in the statement.

Source: Bloomberg |By ADAM SATARIANO

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