MIDDLE EAST: Iraq boosts oil export to Turkey

MIDDLE EAST: Iraq boosts oil export to Turkey  Iraq is pumping 430,000 barrels of oil per day from Kirkuk to Turkey through pipelines in the north of the country, an Iraqi official says.

Iraq has been pumping this volume of oil to Turkey since March 17, the unnamed Iraqi official was quoted by Reuters as saying. Oil exports to Turkey via the line have increased since last summer. The flow of oil through the pipeline halted in 2003 after the occupation due to sabotage attacks and technical failures.

According to the official, Iraq's oil export to Turkey is currently steady and stands at nearly 18,000 barrels per hour.

Turkey now boasts oil reserves of nearly 4.5 million barrels at its Ceyhan terminal along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the official concluded.

Source: PressTV

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