MIDDLE EAST: Iraq names 36 eligible oil companies

The Iraqi Oil Ministry has released the names of 36 international oil companies which it says have the ability to securely develop the country’s rich oilfields.

The U.S. appears set to earn the lion’s share of the spoils, with some seven companies on Baghdad’s rulers’ list of pre-qualified oil firms: 120 companies from a around the world had taken part in the selection process. Baghdad and its advisors had examined technical merits, financing, company legal structures, training for Iraqies and health and safety records.

The list does not include a number of oil companies already developing northern Iraq’s Kurdish oilfields, where at least Norwegian and Irish companies are already working with the Kurdish Regional Authority.

The following companies have been given the go-ahead to bid for acreage in Iraq’s coming first licensing round:

Source: Scandinavian Oil

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