UNITED STATES: Broadwater LNG in New York gets nod

UNITED STATES: Broadwater LNG in New York gets nod
The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved Broadwater Energy LLC’s plan to build and operate the first floating terminal for the storage and delivery of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to the United States.

Twenty other LNG terminals were considered, but the Broadwater project was picked to meet rising demand in New York and Connecticut, the regulator said in a statement. Broadwater was told it must include 80 safety and security measures against environmental fallout.

Based on all available scientific facts, we approve the Broadwater project today, subject to rigorous conditions, because it can meet the projected energy needs for New York City, Long Island and Connecticut, and can provide the service safely,” a statement said.

Broadwater will bring 1.25 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to fuel electric generating plants and heat homes. The 1,200 foot long and 200 ft wide floating storage and regasification unit will rise 80 ft above the New York waterline some 20 kilometres offshore.

A yoke mooring system, which will be incorporated in the bow section of Broadwater’s FSRU, will moor the FSRU to a fixed tower and allow the FSRU to pivot, or “weathervane,” around the tower and to withstand events exceeding 100-year storm conditions.

The project would include eight LNG storage tanks capable of storing the equivalent of 8 Bcf of regasified LNG, a regasification plant and a 21.7 mile long pipeline extending from the LNG terminal to a subsea interconnection with the Iroquois Gas Transmission System which will bring the gas onshore.

Source: Scandinavian Oil and Gas

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