GEOPOLITIC: China may join Iran-Pakistan gas deal. The peace pipeline

GEOPOLITIC: China may join Iran-Pakistan gas deal
China is ready to join the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline if India drops out of the 7.4 billion dollar project, Pakistani sources have said.

Pakistan had urged Iran earlier this month to finalize the Iran-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline project by April because of its growing demand for gas, while Tehran was holding final talks with India over the deal, reported UPI on Tuesday.

Tehran informed Islamabad if New Delhi remained reluctant to joint the project under the US pressure, Iran would then invite Beijing to participate in it.

According to the report, the Chinese have told Pakistan's Petroleum Ministry that they are ready to join the so-called "peace pipeline" project.

Pakistan and Iran have finalized a gas purchase agreement, but India is yet to complete modalities largely due to differences with Islamabad over the transit fee to be paid for the fuel carried through Pakistani territory. Islamabad has called on Iran to increase the volume of the natural gas it will supply by 50 percent if India opts out of the deal.

Source: PressTV

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