[EUROASIA] Russia Won’t Halt Energy Supplies to Europe

Russia won’t halt energy supplies to Europe in response to the European Union reaction to events in South Ossetia, Interfax reported with reference to the RF Ambassador to the E.U. Vladimir Chizhov.

I would like to dispel fears that Russia may halt oil and gas supplies. It’s nonsense,” Chizhov announced during the live teleconference bridge from Brussels.

Asked whether Russia’s intention to diversify energy supplies could be attributed to its clashes with the West, Chizhov said: “Diversification of energy resources is something inevitable.”

Taken long-term, Chizhov went on, “Europe will need all pipelines that are viewed as competing today, and even more than that.” “The problem is whether oil and gas will suffice to fill these pipelines,” the ambassador emphasized.

Another highlight of the teleconference was the presence of Russia’s peacekeepers in Georgia. “They won’t stay there for ever,” Chizhov said, without specifying the actual date of withdrawal. “It depends on two things – arrival of observers and the situation in terms of security,” the official pointed out.

Source: Kommersant

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