[ASIA] Russia and Uzbekistan Agreed to Construct Gas Pipeline

Russia and Uzbekistan have agreed to set into motion construction of a new pipeline that will deliver Uzbek and Turkmen gas, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the RF Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is in Tashkent now.

“It has been agreed to launch joint practical work for laying a new gas pipeline across Uzbekistan aimed at meeting the increasing export potential of Turkmenia and Uzbekistan itself,” Vladimir Putin told reporters Tuesday after meeting with Uzbek President Islam Karimov.

“We see that the chances for this partnership are growing. We have common interest in implementing this project,” the prime minister said. Putin also backed up Karimov’s initiative “for the need to widen investment cooperation” of Russia and Uzbekistan, but pointed out that “it should be the both-traffic road, and there are all prerequisites for it.”

Russia and Uzbekistan agreed on the price for Uzbek gas acquired by Russia. “Of vital significance is that our gas trading experts managed to arrive at the uniform formula for gas prices,” Putin said. “It will be the European formula of pricing.”

[ASIA] Russia and Uzbekistan Agreed to Construct Gas Pipeline

Source: Kommersant

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